In 2018, coconut milk will be the main product will be Ben Tre province cooperated with the leading coconut milk suppliers in Vietnam to promote investment and development.

According to Phan Thi Han, Ben Tre’s Deputy Director of Industry and Trade, Ben Tre province has more than 1,900 coconut processing plants. Most coconut products are coconut candy, desiccated coconut milk, … And coconut milk is the main product in the industry are prioritized investment and development.

In order to improve the quality of products, in the coming time, Ben Tre will develop coconut processing industry in the direction of intensive investment using advanced technology, creating high value products. At the same time, the province supports coconut milk suppliers to innovate advanced technology equipment, creating high value products. At the same time, the province supports investment in renovation of technological equipment, research, design of models, improvement of packaging in accordance with consumers’ perceptions, raising the quality of added value of finished products. national and international standards.

In addition, Ben Tre also prioritizes investment to increase the proportion of high quality products, encourage and support the transformation of production facilities into enterprises, form the development of leading enterprises, Large-scale enterprises have the potential and competitiveness in the market.

Ms. Phan Thi Han said that although the market for coconut milk products have a lot of potential, but also compete with foreign companies in the world market. In addition, the management of purchasing activities of coconut processing enterprises in the country is weak, raw materials are dependent on the preliminary processing.

In 2016, coconut processing in Ben Tre province consumed 98.55% of the province’s coconut yield. Desiccated coconut and coconut milk consumed 55% and 23% of total coconut harvest. Total turnover of coconut products in the province reached over 2,800 billion.

Coconut milk is a new product, but the production is close to the designed capacity. Currently, there are 03 enterprises in Ben Tre province producing this product with a designed capacity of over 50,000 tons / year. In 2016, Ben Tre produced 47,000 tonnes of coconut milk. The coconut milk market has a lot of potential and prospects. Ben Tre coconut milk products are exported to 24 countries.

Ben Tre province currently has 10 dried coconut processing factories, with a designed capacity of over 80,000 tons / year and annual consumption of over 500 million coconut raw materials. In 2016 produced 43,000 tons of desiccated coconut milk, exported to 45 countries. Desiccated coconut processing units consume the most coconut in the chain, so they play a decisive role in coconut supply and demand.

Coconut milk suppliers

[[alt=Coconut milk suppliers]]

Reviews of leading suppliers of coconut milk in the Vietnamese market

Betrimex is the leading coconut milk supplier in Vietnam, Betrimex is also known as Ben Tre Import Export Company. Operating over 10 years of experience in exporting coconut milk, Betrimex said this is a potential market for the Vietnamese economy.

Betrimex invests in the area of ​​organic ingredients in Ben Tre – the capital of Vietnam Coconut, Betrimex always focus on producing the best products and safe for the health of consumers.

So why choose Betrimex coconut milk?

Made from standard organic ingredients, the hands of farmers in Ben Tre care carefully according to the process that Betrimex agricultural engineers guide

The process of modern technology from Europe, closed packaging process to ensure hygiene of coconut milk products

The distribution system is extensive, not only in the domestic market but also in the international market, especially in Latin America and Canada.

Experts from nutrition and food from Betrimex evaluate and test to ensure that coconut milk is marketed with the best quality and safety for the health of consumers.

For consumers, quality is the thing that they care most about and price is the second point that will influence the purchasing decision and evaluate the supplier in the best way.

Betrimex is the leading coconut milk supplier in Vietnam, with the best quality ingredients, Betrimex is confident of its coconut milk products. With the mission to bring coconut Vietnam to the world with the hope to confirm the position of agricultural products in Vietnam.

Currently, Betrimex is a brand that is highly appreciated by both Vietnamese and international consumers in terms of quality and price. Normally coconut nutritious products are quite expensive, but for Betrimex, the products are very affordable and suitable for financial conditions of many Vietnamese families.

So why Betrimex do that?

Coconut milk suppliers

[[alt=Coconut milk suppliers ]]

Betrimex focuses on raw material input, selecting the available material area, thus saving material transportation cost.

The technological process that Betrimex invests in and bring about from Europe should ensure shortening the production process, saving production time and production cost.

Wide distribution network should ensure timely supply to distributors and agents to provide large consumers, reducing the cost of distribution, lower prices for consumers.

Affirming the position of Vietnamese agricultural products on the world market, giving a different perspective to the coconut of Vietnam.

Thus, coconut milk market is very potential and a good market for coconut milk suppliers


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