As a sleepless city, Ho Chi Minh City has many interesting venues with Vietnamese cuisine including food and drinks such as Propeller bar, Singapore hotel in district 1, coffee shop, etc. If you are looking for the best place to drink something, let’s reading the information below which can give you anwser.

1. The Loung at New World Saigon Hotel

The Lounge, located on the ground floor of the New World Saigon Hotel, is a popular venue for anyone looking for a relaxed and sophisticated bar to start off the night. Their cocktail list includes classic and modern drinks as well as a selection of international wines to complement their weekly wine tastings evenings.The Lounge’s interior touches include gentle lighting, a relaxed atmosphere and an extensive drinks menu. Settle into a comfortable night with a signature cocktail, beer or glass of imported wine or visit earlier in the afternoon for a one of kind afternoon tea selection.New World Saigon Hotel also provides an app free of charge that allows guests to browse thousands of international papers and magazines – perfect for reading at The Lounge or in any of the hotel’s other facilities.

2. MZ Club

MZ ClubSpend an evening soaking up the electric atmosphere in one of the best live music venues in Ho Chi Minh City, MZ Club. The talented Vietnamese singers are well versed in popular music and will definitely keep you coming back to this chic Saigon night spot. For a more casual experience, hang out in MZ Club’s coffee shop downstairs or try the wine restaurant.MZ Club is a comfortable lounge bar that offers a wide range of wines, spirits and cigars that please the palate. Located on Bui Thi Xuan, MZ Club features a live band performance every night from 6pm until late. Singers perform a varied repetoire of International and Vietnamese songs. Every Sunday, Cuban band Waparo takes the stage and shifts the experience to a different realm of live music entertainment.

3. Propeller Bar

Propeller Bar is the best rooftop bar and restaurant in Saigon with a stunning view of bustling city below. There are many cocktails, mocktails and some Asian cuisine food here such as Vietnamese, Sinagapore which made by the best chef of Propeller Bar. Visitors will be welcome by waiters/waitress’ warm smile. There are 2 space for visitors choose, one is outdoor, another is indoor. People should choose the great seat in which they can enjoy your cocktail glass and seeing Saigon River.

Acrossing the romantic indoor space, the second door will be opened to welcome people from all ages with an open space of the bar where the guests can see the enchanting sunset if they come here before 6:00 p.m. At night, they get a chance to be excited about the cabana-inspired pavilion under a canopy of star-studded night sky. Feel at one with nature when the guests dine in the rustic open space, decked with architectural elements of quartz, marble, granite and timber. On the cozy couches, the guests enjoy the fabulous drinks list – and some great brews – and snack on delicious gourmet many items to the smell of Asian cuisine. But there’s no denying that the allure of the dazzling city view petering out into the distance as the glittering lights which are particularly fairytale-like brings people the vibrations well into the nights. The adjoining lights with its garden atmosphere promise it’s a best venue to organize a party outside with friends or it’s just a romantic destination for couples who expect to seek a place which can set a most relaxing mood for them. The Propeller rooftop bar in Bay Hotel is one of the greatest refreshing venues for everyone to relax in the funky casual indoor or in the open-air courtyard. To get a good seat, people should contact directly to book in advance to enjoy premium drinks with stylish concoction in this quintessentially classic bar.

4. Fancy Ice Cream

Frenchman Jean Narc Bruno trained at the world famous Le Notre Paris school of ice cream. More than 20 years ago he met Italian frozen dessert maker Gerard Taurin and together they successfully launched their product in Vietnam. They realised that Vietnamese fruit was perfectly suited to making high-class ice cream.

As for the product, Fanny ice creams are all made using 100% natural ingredients. No additives, preservatives or artificial flavours are used. Additionally, the company sources only the highest quality of natural products. They scour the globe to bring the freshest, fullest natural flavours to their ice cream. In the range of over 40 flavours, fresh cream milk comes from New Zealand, the very finest vanilla is imported from Madagascar; world class chocolate from Belgium, premium green tea from Japan and super-rich yoghurt from Greece. Meanwhile, wonderful local fruits from Vietnam are used, all 100% natural and of the finest quality.

Strict quality controls are applied to the manufacture and presentation at Fanny’s stores. This covers such things as taste, aroma and colour; all aspects have to be perfect. The presentation in particular is superb. This is not like any other ice cream parlour. Think classic French fine dining and you’ll get an idea of what will arrive on your plate. Fanny has a unique way of presenting its a la carte ice creams. Customers can choose interesting accompaniments alongside the ice cream. For example, fruit flavours may be accompanied with passion fruit juice or chunks of chocolate. They have thought these combinations out well, perfectly balancing the ice cream and the accompaniments. The artistic way that these are then presented on the plate is a real head turner.

This really is artisanal ice cream, wonderfully crafted and displayed. Fanny has made it its mission to prepare and present delicious five-star French ice creams to Vietnamese people.

The breakfast menu offers crepes and high quality coffee alongside local favourites like noodles, banh mi and dim sum. Other specialities on offer include the wonderful ice cream and chocolate fondue, a huge hit with families. The drinks menu is extensive and incredibly creative. Ice cream sodas, coffees with ice cream (including Vietnamese “weasel” coffee), smoothies and ice cream milk shakes are all lovingly prepared and very popular.

5. Starbucks Coffee

With four central locations in District 1, this iconic coffee shop aims to bring it’s coffee specialty to Ho Chi Minh City. Order from a wide range of coffees, Frappuccino, teas, or juices and watch their trained baristas expertly craft your drink. Each store has freshly baked pastries and handmade sandwiches. Last but not least, choose from a wide selection of merchandise so you can recreate your Starbucks experience wherever you go. Coming to Starbucks Coffee in Ho Chi Minh City, travelers can get a special feeling which makes it more different than others in the world.

6. East West Brewing

The first thing you’ll notice entering East West Brewing is the gleaming machinery towering overhead. As the doors close behind you, shutting off the din of downtown District 1 and Ly Tu Trong street, your ears will be greeted with the cavernous acoustics of something like to a museum. The floor plan is open permitting a clear view of the Ho Chi Minh Citybrewer’s pièce de résistance: the mammoth gleaming tanks on two floors that make up the beer maker’s in-house brewery.

In response to why the brewhouse was built to be a public-facing operation, East West Brewing Co.’s founders explained that craft beer’s relative newness and novelty in Vietnam created an opportunity for them to present the drink in a more intimate way. At the time of writing, East West remains the only place in Saigon where the city’s thirsty can drink a craft beer made on site. Brewery spokeswoman Mimi Truong said that explaining the broader motivation of craft beer—the process, the reasons behind making it and drinking it versus a Tiger or Heineken— is a bit like telling a story.

The untrained eye might get lost in the chromy gleam of the open brewery. The four tanks at the top are seated on another five polished 1,500 litre tanks at the ground floor. It’s like looking at the engine of a car: the industrial beauty is enhanced by the mystery of how the Rube Goldberg machine-like invention works. East West Brewing offers tours of its brewery to learn more about how they make the beers. During the tour, you might learn that the brewery is not just a two-storey machine, but also contains a third at the very top. It’s here that the recipe begins, crushing the grain in preparation for the mash. From there, the malt moves to the second “hot” floor where the ingredients are combined with boiling water and cooked to specification. Then the liquid is moved to the kettle and boiled. This is where one of the most important steps for perfecting flavour happens: adding the hops.

Unfinished beers leaving the second floor are sent to the bottom to cool and condition in the 1,500 litre tanks standing at attention adjacent to the dining room floor. Depending on the style of beer, the unfinished brew could be in fermentation for a long time—the malty, pronounced Independence Stout calls for a resting period of a month and a half—or a short one, like the Summer Hefeweizen, which is ready for kegging and bottling in just over two weeks. The brewery is built in levels like this to have gravity do the work of moving the tremendous liquid volumes from the top to the ground floor where the beers enter the fermentation stage, the last step in becoming drinkable, finished brews.

As Saigon’s beer lovers are getting to know East West Brewing Co., the brewer is also getting to know it’s audience and it’s shifting preferences better. For example, when the microbrewery opened a year ago, the top seller was the Saigon Rosé. The light, fruity raspberry wheat beer was a popular first foray into craft beer for the local drinkers, a crowd typically doused with light lagers like Tiger and 333 at other places.

Then, “in just six months the palette changed so quickly”, Mimi said. Nowadays, the brewery is now equally known and renowned for the Summer Hefeweizen, a citrusy, zesty take on the classic German wheat ale recipe, as well as their Far East IPA, and its flagship East West Pale Ale, a polished, hoppy beer that acts as ”a nice bridge” out of the land of industrial scale lagers, Mimi said.

The beer that carries the brewery’s name is an abridged reimagining of the company’s story. The East West Pale Ale combines hops from the US with hops in New Zealand. Similarly, East West Brewing Co. is the lovechild of a marriage between craft beer—a western convention—to a vision formulated by a US-raised Vietnamese entrepreneur Loc Truong and Sean Thommen, a US native leading the brewing operation.

With many suggestion about the where to drink in Ho Chi Minh City above, hopefully, tourists will get one of the best venue for their trip in Ho Chi Minh City, also Vietnam. Moreover, people should click here to book a luxury Singapore hotel to relax after a short tour around this city.

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